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A Travel Club for Women


vagabondGALS is a group of women looking for trip inspiration and a travel partner. Many of the women are not fond of travelling alone or don't travel at all because they don't have anyone to travel with. It seems that everyone knows someone with this problem! That's how the vagabondGALS started. Sally Fedrizzi had talked to many women who wanted to see the world but could not because they just didn't want to travel alone. Joining our club allows you to travel safer and have a good time while you are travelling. It is not just about having a friend but also having someone to have dinner with, someone to chat with and just someone you know when you are in a foreign country.

Joining the travel club now includes:

  • A monthly meeting in Syracuse, New York
  • Your monthly vagabondGALS newsletter
  • The ability to share your trip ideas in our Wandering Wednesday mailings
  • A chance to share your bad trip experiences to help other women on their future trips
  • A way to meet new women and find someone with similar interests to travel with